A Community for All Cultures

That time passes and life moves on is, of course, not news to school children. Families that move cultures, countries and even continents face a challenge. For children, however, there are the additional pressures of moving curriculums, class systems, peer groups and, not least, languages. Adults, who may be moving out of choice, or at least who may harbour the social skills to calmly navigate the choppy waters of relocating, are reasonably well placed to see adventure and excitement ahead. The passage may not be so smooth for those children off to a new school.

As host to 51 different nationalities, The British School of Amsterdam gives this aspect of their students’ growth great consideration. The school aims to place as much of an emphasis on enhancing the emotional and social development of its students as it does their more traditionally academic aspirations; crucially, one supports the growth of the other.

By Paul Michael


2015 Winter

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