Advertising in The XPat Journal

The XPat Journal is an effective channel to reach an affluent and well educated readership who want to make the most of their stay in the Netherlands. The XPat Journal is also an attractive business-to-business medium for companies who want to keep track of recent developments in the industry, who are looking for potential corporate clients and partners, or want to get ahead of the competition by better understanding the interests of the expatriate market.


Advertisement options

Advertisement sizes in mm (w x h)
1/1 page, 3 mm off cut excluded 210 x 285
1/2 page vertical 93 x 260
1/2 page horizontal 190 x 127
1/4 page 93 x 127

Are you interested in advertising in The XPat Journal? Leave your details in the advertising information request form or call us at: +31(0)70 306 33 10. We will gladly send you our Media Kit and rates.

Advertorial options

Advertising in the form of a sponsored editorial is also an option. The article appears in the editorial format of The XPat Journal and will be available on for a period of one year. The digital article can be enriched with extra content such as video’s, sliders, extra images and link through buttons.

Other options

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XPat Mediakit 2019_general

Deadline Calendar 2018 – 2019

December 2018 (online)

Housing Special
publication: Dec. 13
Ad. reservations: Nov. 30
Ad. material: Dec. 7

March 2019 (print)

Education Special
publication: March 21
Ad. reservations: March 4
Ad. material: March 8

June 2019 (online)

Health Special
publication: June 20
Ad. reservations: June 10
Ad. material: June 14

September 2019 (print)

Employment Special
publication: Sep. 19
Ad. reservations: Aug. 30
Ad. material: Sep. 6