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The XPat Journal ® is the premier English-language magazine for expatriates living in the Netherlands and has been in publication since 1998. It is the result of pertinent, long-term relationships with local authorities, organizations and authors within the country who specialize in providing expatriate information. The XPat Journal guarantees high­ quality and timely editorial content, articles and interviews covering various topics from Dutch culture, legal and financial issues, international education, expat management, housing and health care. These topics are approached with the utmost of care from the perspective of the expatriate and are directed at newcomers as well as expats who have been living in the country for some time.

In 2016, we have made a big change.

Twice a year (in June and December), The XPat Journal is published as a true digital magazine, and twice a year (in March and September) it appears as a traditional, thick, glossy, in-depth print version.
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Current Issue: Health Special, running from June to September 2017.
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Next issue

The next issue (Autumn 2017) will be published on September 22nd.
The theme of this issue is Employment & Career
This will be an print edition.


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In the archive section, you can find summaries of many of the articles published since September 1998.


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