Learn to Cycle in Amsterdam

You already know how to ride a bicycle. Now, you want to become one of the locals - a confident, competent, courteous cyclist, in control and ready to roll. Learn to Cycle... read more >


Thanks to the development of satellite photos, drones and Google Earth, aerial photography appears to have become quite commonplace. Precisely now that we are becoming used... read more >

Amsterdam Streethearts

Every August in Amsterdam the streets come alive with a profusion of color - from the LGBT rainbow flags to the flood of pink on the Canal Parade boats for gay pride, and... read more >

The Holland Handbook 2017 – 2018

18th edition: since 2000 more than 145,000 copies sold! This richly illustrated handbook offers expatriates essential information on all aspects of living and working in the... read more >

The Little Orange Handbook

The Little Orange Handbook offers compact, clear and to-the-point information on the Netherlands. It has been created – and attractively priced – especially for expats,... read more >

Cloudless Rotterdam

Peter Elenbaas, text Paul van de Laar Following the success of his Cloudless Amsterdam series, Peter Elenbaas is publishing Cloudless Rotterdam, with impressive aerial... read more >

Dutch History in a Nutshell

By Herman Beliën and Monique van Hoogstraten   The Netherlands is a relatively recent creation. This delta region was one of Europe’s centres of power for a... read more >

How to be Dutch

After the success of his book ‘How to Be Orange: An Alternative Dutch Assimilation Course,’ Comedian Greg Shapiro now writes the questions that SHOULD be on the Dutch... read more >

Atlas of Amsterdam

Hundreds of maps, illustrations and photos Information about the city and its residents, governance and education, ferries and trams, beliefs old and new, Leidseplein... read more >

Over Rotterdam

Rotterdam is a world city. Literally and figuratively. For the people of Rotterdam who are so proud of their city, the latter is nothing new, but they are surprised that... read more >

Over Zeeland

Zeeland ... that is wind in your hair and salt on your lips. A province of dyke and dune, wind and windmills, polders and poplars, fish and pheasant, clouds and cormorants,... read more >

Holland from the Top 5

By Karel Tomeï This is the fifth volume in the successful series Holland from the Top. A snapshot frozen in time. Holland as it is now. That is what Karel Tomeï wants... read more >

I am Amsterdam

Ever since Thomas Schlijper left art school in 1999, he has been roaming the streets of Amsterdam. Each day he captures in images the people, the streets and the moods of... read more >

Discovering the Dutch

What are the most salient and sparking facts about the Netherlands? This updated edition of Discovering the Dutch tackles the heart of the question of Dutch identity through... read more >

The Mobile Life

A new approach to moving anywhere By Diane Lemieux and Anne Parker Moving to live in a new country is an adventure equal in scope to the expeditions of great explorers.... read more >

The Dutch and their Delta

3rd print By Jacob Vossestein All over the world, people learn at school that the Netherlands is a country below sea-level. Dikes, polders, windmills and wooden shoes... read more >

The Dutch & Their Bikes

By Shirley Agudo The best collection of Dutch cycling photos ever assembled! For more than a decade, American photographer and author Shirley Agudo has been photographing... read more >

Holland from the Top 2

By Karel Tomeï This is the second volume in the successful series Holland from the Top. In his work, Karel Tomeï (1941) exhibits time and again this curiosity for... read more >

Holland from the Top 4

By Karel Tomeï This is the fourth volume in the successful series Holland from the Top. Karel Tomeï: "A few years ago, I thought; a day will come when I'll have seen... read more >

Ready Steady, Go Dutch

Ready, Steady, Go Dutch is a must-have resource for anyone planning on settling in the Netherlands, or who has been here a little longer. This innovative English-language... read more >

Cloudless Amsterdam

Photography: Peter Elenbaas Text: Lambiek Berends From the wonderfully undulating Zeedijk and the monumental Westertoren to the copper-green Nemo in the Eastern Docks and... read more >

A Millennium of Amsterdam

By Fred Feddes How did the landscape now known as Amsterdam look before there was an Amsterdam? Why is the Jordaan so different from the ring canals? Is Central Station... read more >

The Rembrandt Guide

Featuring a series of walks and cycle tours, The Rembrandt Guide enables you literally to take a step into Rembrandt's world. As you journey through Leiden and Amsterdam... read more >

Dutch Delight

Learn what they eat and drink, graze through their eating habits and recipes, and when you are done, try them. Enjoy Dutch delights like haring (herring), snert (pea soup),... read more >

How to Survive Holland

By Martijn de Rooi This book introduces nothing less than the very soul of the Dutch. Packed with humorous descriptions it explains their remarkable habits and peculiar... read more >

The Low Sky

More than 50,000 copies sold! Doe maar gewoon, dan doe je gek genoeg. Act normally, that's crazy enough. Nine out of ten people in the Netherlands will quote this well-worn... read more >

Food Shoppers Guide to Holland

Fifth Edition By Ada Henne Koene A unique survey of food products and ingredients to be found in Holland. With over 1,000 entries, the book provides the confused shopper... read more >

Only in Holland – Only the Dutch

By Marc Resch "Going Dutch" isn't just a catch phrase for author Marc Resch, but a way of life. Based upon the author's vast knowledge of the Netherlands and his experiences... read more >

Over Holland

Photography Karel Tomei introduction by Peter de Lange Previously unpublished work by Holland's most renowned aerial photographer, Karel Tomei. Humorous and refreshingly... read more >

The Undutchables 5.0

By Colin White and Laurie Boucke An hilarious yet profoundly revealing look at the Dutch, their customs and their mentality. This exquisite satire explores the most diverse... read more >

Holland from the Top 1

By Karel Tomei Holland from the Top is the popular follow-up to High over Holland This is what the newspapers said about his work Trouw : "Tomei shows the Netherlands... read more >

Holland from the Top 3

By Karel Tomei This is the third volume in the successful series Holland from the Top. More than enough material, says aerial photographer Karel Tomei "Because in Holland... read more >

The Dutch I Presume

By Martijn de Rooi Photography: Jurjen Drenth & Friends Addressing more than 40 prominent aspects of Dutch society and culture, this book provides an instant insight... read more >

Dealing with the Dutch

By Jacob Vossestein People from all corners of the world, involved in government, business and culture, come into contact with Dutch colleagues, either here in the Netherlands... read more >

ABC of Holland

By Rifka Burggraaff and Martijn Spaanderman Illustrated by Melina Ruijter Come along and meet the Dutch king and queen, ride a bicycle and see the windmills and tulips.... read more >

New Visions of the Netherlands

With 250 exceptional photographs, New Visions of the Netherlands provides a comprehensive image of the country most people know as Holland. Although small, the Netherlands... read more >

Stuff Dutch People Like

By Colleen Geske Stuff Dutch People Like is a study of all things orange. It investigates and highlights the idiosyncrasies of the Dutch culture and their uncanny ability... read more >

The XPat Journal

A colorful lifestyle magazine packed with information of interest to expats in the Netherlands. Articles cover topics such as legal affairs, taxes, housing, health care,... read more >

Rotterdam Discovered

Text: Han van der Horst Photo: various photographers from Rotterdam Visitors to Rotterdam always return home with muddy shoes. A city that has to live by its creativity... read more >

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