Working in Self-Employment

Though most people work directly for an employer, over the past years, a considerable and growing number of people in the Netherlands have chosen to work in self-employment, to the point where, at present, 1.76 million people have self-employment as their main, or only, source of income. Of these, 900,000 are what the Dutch call ZZP-er – Zelfstandige Zonder Personeel, or self-employed persons with no employees.

As the Netherlands is a country that so easily accommodates self-employment, and that has an economy that is based mostly on the services sector, is an attractive country for also non-Dutch nationals to come and try their luck – be it as an expressly-chosen destination, or as the place they have accompanied their partner/spouse to. In short, there are plenty of opportunities, practical advantages and tax benefits – but before you get started, read this article for a few things that are good to know, in order to be well-prepared.

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