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Dining Out… At Home

The XPat Journal likes to point you in the right direction when it comes to fine dining and interesting restaurants – but where should you go for catering, or great food... read more >

The Raffles

Frank Deuning has long and deep roots in the world of wining and dining. In 1993, after working in top-class hotels and restaurants, he opened his own restaurant, and named... read more >

Stay a Little Longer…

Wine2Share New in the harbour of Scheveningen is Wine2Share. This cute and intimate wine bar is run by Bas Loeve & Nicole Lousberg. Here, top-level wine is presented.... read more >

Art, Fine Food & Wine

The city of The Hague has some world-class museums, but most certainly also some very fine ‘tables’. In this edition of The XPat Journal we bring two of each together.... read more >

Great Chefs Come & Go

Restaurant Bij Erik In recent times, the world of Michelin-awarded Chefs has taken a bit of a beating in the greater The Hague area. Restaurants have closed, or moved away,... read more >

Asiatic Elegance

During the production of the cook book Smart Cooking 3 by Holland’s TV Chef Julius Jaspers, we were working in Asia. This book features the cuisine of China, Indonesia,... read more >

Ultimate Summer wines

Sunny summer days and evenings ask for a certain type of wine. They are not the right moment for massive and concentrated reds, but lend themselves much more for light and... read more >


Are you one of those restaurant visitors who are bored to bits by those rectangular plates with 32 ingredients, all sitting side by side, not in any way related to each other?... read more >

Organic Wines

Remembering the often quite dismal quality of organic wines sold in the past, wine lovers might not be motivated to try the new wave of organic wines produced today, despite... read more >


The former, colonial, connection of the Netherlands with Indonesia has resulted in a large number of Indonesian restaurants in Holland. What they serve varies from cheap,... read more >


In the past, wine bars were unknown in Holland. London, Paris and New York boasted great places to sit & sip. But here in Holland it was not so easy. Bit by bit, the wine... read more >

Ich Bin Ein Hamburger

When you walk into a restaurant and immediately feel at home, you know you are going to have a fine lunch or dinner. After all, a first impression can only be made once. And... read more >

Seafood Delight in an Amazing Ambiance!

The XPat Journal was one of the first to be informed about the fact that cozy new venue was going to be opening soon. Now that it is up and running, we are glad to share this... read more >

Walter Benedict & Franklin

Franklin and Walter Benedict, ever heard of them? Brothers maybe? Or cousins? In fact, it is neither of these, as they are not even related. ‘Birds of a feather’ comes... read more >

It All Began At Home

Chef at was born out of a love for food and wine, and as the name suggests they can cook everywhere (Chef at… you fill in the blanks). Chef at brings the fine-dining experience... read more >

Frank’s Smoke House

The name might make you think, Oops, is this a decent place for a nice person like me? – as the combination ‘smoke’ and ‘Amsterdam’ does tend to point you in a ‘certain... read more >

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