Jan Vincent Meertens

Jan Vincent Meertens is social entrepreneur, part-time lecturer and IMBA student coach at Nyenrode Business University, associate partner at itim international, and founding member of the itim Global Talent Management Solutions group.

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Not A Contest

Different cultural value patterns of teachers and students are frequently responsible for a suboptimal transfer of knowledge. The ability to understand, accept and reconcile... read more >

Do We All Agree?

By Jan Vincent Meertens Consensus has always been in the DNA of the Dutch. It is the basis of what the Dutch call ‘effective decision-making’. The expat is often fascinated... read more >

Friendly Neighbors

Expats who are settling in the Netherlands are often faced with cultural differences, especially when it comes to sensitive and private issues such as moving into a new home... read more >

Plan of Action

By Chris Smit This will be my fourth year contributing to The XPat Journal. This also means that it’s my fourth article on this issue’s topic: Education. Given this... read more >

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