A volunteer not-for-profit organization that serves the needs and interests of the international community in the Netherlands.

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Your International Choice – for Expats, by Expats

The origins of ACCESS are firmly rooted in a concern for the mental well-being of the international community. It was acknowledged then, in 1986, as it still is now, 28 years... read more >

When Is a House a Home?

For expatriates and global citizens the world over, finding a house or apartment in a new city / country is about much more than identifying the premises on which you will... read more >

Keeping it Simple

There is no way around it, when looking for employment; the need for networking. Whether it be for enhancing one’s employment possibilities, exposing oneself to hearing... read more >

Education for Successful Expatriation:

For more than 25 years, expats (internationals) have been sharing their experiences through ACCESS in order to serve and help others who have arrived in the Netherlands to... read more >

What Visiting Parents & Lunchtime Recess Have to Do with Housing

One of the unique features of ACCESS is that our volunteers, being expats themselves, often share their own experiences amongst each other, which in turn become subjects we... read more >

When Parents Stay, and Children Depart

Inevitably, international families are then confronted with the choices, dilemmas, and challenges which arise when they stay on in their expatriate assignment location, and... read more >

Building Communities

The relationship between health and community has never been so exemplified as it is in the very popular ACCESS Childbirth Preparation Courses. No, ‘expats’ don’t have... read more >

Opportunities for Expat Partners

There is a high percentage that needs to work, for financial reasons. However, when asked why they are looking for a job, many of the responses ACCESS hears have little to... read more >

Finally Found a Place to Live.

You have arrived, manoeuvred the hurdles of registration, figured out the transport system, managed to open a bank account – the gateway to just about everything here –... read more >

Education for Expatriation

In 1986, a red flag was raised by a Counsellor at the American School. There were troubles in the community. Troubles which needed a response. A gap in services which needed... read more >

Building Bridges

For their regular columns in The XPat Journal, ACCESS, in 2017, will focus on how it represents, informs and manages the expectations of the local community and its service... read more >

New Studies, New Insights

In their mission to serve the international community, ACCESS plays a role in managing the expectations of locals who meet, work with, and/or provide services to the growing... read more >

Can Anything Prepare You for Expatriation/Global Living?

If education is the key to success – however you define it – then what is there to learn, prepare for, when moving overseas, or crossing borders? As the American tennis... read more >

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